The First Question I Ask When Editing a Videogame

What should be capitalized in a videogame? This is the question I ask of every new project, no matter how simple the copy appears, because capitalization does not function the same way in games as it does in other writing contexts. Each game demands a different answer, and getting there is a journey that immediately launches me into the heart of the game’s relationship to its text. When the answer is finally settled, I’ll know a lot about the game without having ever run its .exe. In this article I will explore why that is⁠— and what it might mean for your game…

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Hi. This is my blog, word-words. This is where I keep all my favorite words about words (and also the stuff that makes them meaningful, like punctuation marks, capitalization, and paragraphing). Over the next week or so, I will be uploading some posts I’ve already written here. I already linked them across the site, so …

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